At 91̽, we are committed to fostering safer campuses by empowering survivors of sexual and gender-based violence through dedicated support, ongoing education, and action. 

Whether you or someone you know has been impacted by sexual violence, harassment, or harm, regardless of when or where it occurred, 91̽ is here to help. We provide a confidential space where survivors are respected as the experts of their own experiences, with the autonomy to choose the support that best fits their needs.

We strive to create a safer environment for all by honouring each person's unique identities and experiences. At 91̽, you have options, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

On-Campus Supports

Online Report (REES)

(Respect, Educate, Empower Survivors) is a sexual violence reporting tool that empowers survivors to be able to own their stories. REES is a survivor-centric 24/7 centralized online reporting and information platform that provides increased options for students to report campus sexual harassment, misconduct, and assault. REES includes multiple reporting options and critical information about resources and supports available both on campus and in the community.

Connect to My Campus

When you choose this option, REES will send your preferred contact information to the Student Support Specialist at 91̽. You can choose to include your record and/or narrative in the report which will be confidentially maintained and reviewed. This on-campus support will then promptly contact you directly to follow up, explore resources, and discuss options to enable you to make an informed and empowered choice. 

Anonymous Report

This option gives you the ability to provide anonymous data about campus-related sexual violence. This information is provided to the post-secondary institution without making a formal disclosure or complaint. This report can be re-accessed by the writer at any time should you wish to connect to campus or the police.  

Report to Police

REES will send your record directly to the RCMP. Once they receive your record, they will contact you by phone to follow up for additional information and statements.  


Coordinated Support Services

Coordinated Support Services supports students who might struggle to navigate the complexities of post-secondary education. They are able to work with the student to gain insight into their struggles and make effective referrals to other 91̽ or community-based support services. If you have experienced sexual violence, the Coordinated Support Services team can help you explore the various support options available and collaboratively work with you to create an empowering plan. This can include different reporting pathways, academic concessions such as assignment extensions and exam re-scheduling, connection to community resources, developing safety strategies, and guidance through college policies. To get help accessing support and to discuss what options may be available to you, please reach out to the Student Support Specialist to set up a meeting. 

Student Support Specialist: Kaylen Lesko: Klesko@okanagan.bc.ca



Clinical Counsellors providing a safe and confidential space to process your experience with sexual violence while working collaboratively with you to strengthen your ability to cope right here on campus. Contact Counselling Services for support and to discuss your options.


  • Kelowna campus: 250-317-2435
  • Penticton campus: 250-486-3879
  • Salmon Arm campus:  250-317-2435 (no on-site security)
  • Vernon campus: 250-307-4574

Security offers a Safe Walk program should you wish for security to escort you to your vehicle or another location on campus. Visit the Campus Security webpage for more information on this resource and to download the 91̽ Safe app. 

At 91̽, we stand against all forms of violence, including sexual violence. We create safe spaces for every member of our community, respecting each person's dignity and unique identity. Together, we work to prevent sexual violence by promoting respect, safety, and equality.

Medical Care

If you have experienced sexual assault, you may wish to seek medical care. To see a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) doctor, visit the nearest hospital's emergency department and request a SART physician. This type of care can allow for STI prevention or treatment, emergency contraceptives, and more.

You do not have to do this alone. You are welcome and encouraged to bring a support person with you to these appointments. If you do not have a trusted support person, you can request one from organizations such as  or other community resources.  

These exams are confidential and there is not obligation to make a report to the police when accessing these services.

Medical Care Options

offers transportation and support services for medical services to this facility, including . 


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Community Resources

Be part of the solution

Connect with Sexual Violence and Consent training and resources to learn more about consent and how sexual violence impacts everyone.